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What is Samsung Knox?

It’s no secret that mobile devices are a crucial part of modern business. Every organization needs to stay connected between the office and frontline. But connection isn’t the only thing that matters when so much is at stake. Businesses need to secure data, enforce IT policies, customize mobile devices to suit their needs, and protect their assets against malicious activities.

As digital transformation becomes more paramount, these businesses will also need to maximize productivity and enhance their mobile and asset infrastructure. But this comes with a range of challenges. For example, it can be difficult to set up and manage multiple devices efficiently – especially in organizations looking to scale up.

To get the most value, each device needs to be optimized to make it fit for the purpose. This often means going through the resource-intensive process of customizing software that enables data security.

Achieving digital transformation

With these challenges in mind, how can businesses achieve digital transformations from an operational perspective? The simple answer is with the ability to secure data, connect teams, and easily deploy new technologies on devices, while managing and analyzing them in ways that make sense.

This is where Samsung Knox fulfils all of these requirements and more, with a suite of customizable tools that will solve your organization’s mobile device challenges and pave the way for new operational use cases. Samsung Knox combines the proven security foundation that’s built into Samsung devices and a mature suite of business solutions leveraging the Knox platform. The result? The potential for positive impact at every endpoint.

Our purpose: The “why” behind the work

Samsung Knox was built to help businesses and professionals to enhance their workflows, and to enable them to innovatively use and manage devices. Samsung Knox caters to businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to enterprise with thousands of employees. The benefits quickly become clear when we examine the impact across 4 key categories:

  1. Security
  2. Unified Endpoint Management
  3. Rebranding & Customization
  4. Fraud & Theft protection

Let’s explore what this looks like in practice.

Mobile security for everyone (Secured by Knox)

The name Samsung Knox is synonymous with security, which is ever present throughout the Knox platform

  • Security features are integrated into both our hardware and software to ensure greater peace of mind for businesses with sensitive data and compliance requirements.
  • Real-time protection and security updates allow for IT admins to focus on other tasks while security runs in the background.
  • Collective protection of Samsung Knox advanced security combined with Android’s existing security means robust protection.
    • Ecosystem collaboration: Anyone can have access to the source code of Android OS, and because of that, it’s a perfect fit to have its security get strengthened collectively. In addition to OEMs like Samsung, many partners in the ecosystem, such as Google, SoC vendors, security researchers, and academic institutions are contributing to make the OS more secure by constantly finding and patching vulnerabilities.
    • Android Security Hardening + Knox: Google has continued to enhance security of Android OS to make it what it is today. Google Play Protect scans for malware in every Android device in real-time, and Android Enterprise enables businesses to securely manage corporate devices. On top, Samsung Knox adds in advanced security and management features to make Galaxy most secure.

Unified Endpoint Management for IT admins (Knox Suite)

With a single user interface, IT admins can now use Knox to manage various devices from a central point. Thanks to our powerful enterprise mobility solutions that enable teams to secure, deploy, manage, and analyze data from corporate devices.

  • Secure: Take advantage of advanced security management features that help businesses comply with stringent security requirements, offering advanced encryption technologies and government-grade protection*.
  • Deploy: Enjoy easier enrollment, with the ability to enroll corporate devices in EMMs automatically and securely, right out of the box.
  • Manage: Manage devices easily with remote support, intuitive onboarding, a seamless user experience and tools that fit both office and field.
  • Analyze: Remotely gain insight into device health and data control, no matter where your employees use their devices are.

Device rebranding and customization for service and content providers (Knox Configure)

Did you know that with Samsung Knox you can also rebrand and customize devices remotely, and even refine the user experience? With Knox Configure, you can apply bespoke branding and configure devices for specific use cases such as customized kids’ phones and newspaper tablets.

Knox Configure enables you to change the device imagery, apply skins, wallpapers and logos and map hardware keys to create your new product – all without unboxing. You can also enable multi-app or single-app mode to create dedicated kiosks. This is just one of the features that enables you to create fit-for-purpose devices.

Fraud and theft protection (Knox Guard)

Fraud and theft protection is especially important for device resellers, who provide device financing or subsidy plans but can apply across the board. Offering a product that can reduce risks in this area can give you a truly competitive edge. With Knox Guard, you can remotely control and lock Samsung devices to reduce the financial harm of fraud or theft.

Backed by the hardware-level Knox security platform, Knox Guard protects your devices against unauthorized unlock attempts including IMEI, firmware, or binary tampering – restricted even when offline to block any network bypass.

Knox in a nutshell

In a world where business innovators are exploring new mobile capabilities, internally and beyond, to enable business to grow, Samsung Knox offers just the solution businesses require. Plus, with Samsung Knox you know that you’re backed by the one of most experienced and credible providers in mobility.

Samsung Knox is imperative for businesses looking to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and protect sensitive data and devices as they enhance their daily operations. It’s a suite of tools you can trust to enable secure mobile management from start to finish.


Stay connected, protected, and productive and discover the value of Samsung Knox for yourself.

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